Sunday, February 22, 2009

A taste of socialized medicine

The other day, my poor husband dialed the emergency number due to yet another kidney-stone attack. :( Imagine his surprise when the Emergency Medical Technicians informed him that a new regulation required ambulance drivers to take patients to the nearest hospital, rather than to a hospital of their choice. No more schlepping out to the wilds to go to the hospital where his urologist has admitting privileges. And no more nice cushy chairs in the cozy waiting room for me to nap in--from now on, I'll be resting on a metal chair with about 50 other people in a public-hospital waiting room. Oh, well, at least it's closer to home.


Blogger Shira Salamone said...

This post was actually published on March 22, 2009, but I "hid" it here to help preserve what's left of my anonymity as a blogger at the office.

Sun Mar 22, 12:57:00 AM 2009  

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